Sonnenberg Schwimmbad Studio

Alte Gasse 34


Rainstrasse 21

Hotel Hoheneck 

Dorfstrasse 4

(On the 1st floor in the conference room)

In Engelberg 6390 SWISS ALPS 

"I've seen Samira for treatments after suffering from back problems for years, I've had 2 back operations, and found her knowledge and application of yoga to have been of massive benefit. Since working with Samira, both on a group and individual basis, I have had no problems whatsoever and cannot recommend her highly enough." ~ Anthony McGeever, Managing Director of APC


"Ahhh I miss you and this class. Was bliss thank you. Pls keep me informed of your retreats!!!!" ~Leah 

"I have been practising yoga with Samira for years now, and all my back issues are long gone. Samira has an amazing ability to give you the confidence you need to explore your practice further and to heal your body through movement and stillness, which we all need more of." - Martin Slattery, Musician


"During the years I had been trying so many different yoga classes and found them always boring, and either too slow or too hard, and with teachers who didn't pay much attention to new comers and beginners. I decided to have one more go with Samira, as she was local to me and it has been love at first move! Samira's yoga is fluid, good paced and two classes are never the same. Samira is an attentive teacher and when you are not able to perform a pose, she always has an alternative tailored for you.Samira sets up the room with candles, incenses and music, giving your yoga class a more authentic feel. Her yoga has also helped with my posture and back pains. In summary: come and try it!!"  ~ Claudia Rossi-Anderson


"Samira is an excellent yoga teacher, very in tune with everyone in the class and attentive to different levels in her students. Highly recommended." ~Jimmy Greenwood, Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional

"I was taught yoga by Samira for 2 years, both in one on one sessions and as part of a class. She was a patient teacher with a vast amount of expertise. I don't live in London any more but if I did I would definitely still be making use of her knowledge." ~ Phil Bickley, Director Tonic UK ltd

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"THE BEST Bespoke Yoga Session I have ever had and I have had many... SAMiRAYOGA knows her stuff...I LOVE THIS GIRL!!"             Sophie Venner, Bafta Winning Producer.