WLD Retreat Online; Movement, Breath work, Aroma Therapy, Intuitive Touch & Meditation giving you a Immune/ Mood Boost to help you get through the winter days.



2 part retreat

Part 1 in the Immune Support Morning with Samira, Part 2 Mood Boost Afternoon with Laura, giving you lots of time in between to be with family or enjoying some time outside....



Saturday 16th January 2021


9-10.30 am with Samira

Journey into Movement and Breath; flow of ancient Yoga meets Contemporary Movement to help Support your Immune System - Accessible and Open to all.


BREAK from 10.30-16.00 During our break we welcome you to go out into nature, even on a bad day and take 20min to do some writing. If you are not well, we will send you a nature video from the Alps to bring nature to you.


4-5.30 pm with Laura

Aroma Therapy, how to Bio Hack your Mood and Nervous System and Exploring Meditative Touch


5.30-6 pm Q&A



We are offering 2 FREE SPACES please invite a friend in need


15 spaces only so we all get a chance to go deep.


Suggested pricing £50 for the whole event. If you are having a difficult time right now, please use the £30 concessions rate.



We cannot wait to share our combined knowledge with you and provide you with a toolbox to get you through the winter lockdown days.



Samira & Laura xx


Laura is a practicing aromatherapist, with magic hands, who will create a tool box for you to get back in touch with your own inner senses; through your sense of smell, but also exploring intuitive touch, focussing on face, neck and hands.


Samira is an experienced movement, yoga and meditation facilitator and will give a toolbox with different techniques to soothe you back to your inner sense of self. She lives in the Swiss Alps and will share some of her experience of the mountains with you.

WLD Online Retreat 16.01.2021 Concessions