Online Bespoke Yoga Wellness Therapy in the comfort of your home or your office, streamed live via zoom.


The way we feel changes on a daily basis. Our movement practice should reflect that and include a variation of different movements / yoga postures and breathing techniques to suit our needs.


Your Online 1:1 Session could include;


Movement Medicine gentle restorative movements to help ease tension & pain

Breath therapy

Yoga & Myofscial Release


Deep relaxation


Creating a safe space for you by helping relax your muscle fibres and elongating the  tissue surrounding your muscles (myofascia), guiding your breath to help ease tension in your body, allowing body mind and soul to enter a deep state of relaxation.



Relieves Stress & Anxiety
Improves Health and Immune Function

Resetting your Nervous System

Better Quality Sleep
Produces Mental Clarity
Enhances Digestion 
Boosts Detoxification 
Combats Ageing


"To be honest, I was driven by the movement for strength, always pushing (a little too) hard. That's why I waited so long to finally book a session with Samira. Her gentle touch and her eyes, looking deep into your body... Giving the reminder of why I started yoga in the first place. Thank you Samira for reminding me of all the smaller muscles between scalp and tail" ~ Maria Franz, Engelberg


"Samira I hope you have a sense of how beneficial our one to one yoga sessions are. I feel completely relaxed afterwards, yet refreshed and I'm sleeping again, hurray!" ~ Hannah


"Couldn't wish for a better and more inspirational teacher, thank you." ~Vicky B.


Terms & Conditions


  • I am happy to work with people to help them heal old injuries or that are dealing with ailments or illnesses. However I reserve the right to cancel your session if I feel it's above my range of expertise, I will refund you in full if this is the case.
  • Once purchased, you are confirming that you are physically fit for your session and that you will notify your teacher if your medical condition changes. You are free to cancel your session giving 24 hours notice; finding a new date. 
  • Not available for refunds.


Looking forward to working with you. 




Online Bespoke Yoga/ Wellness 60 minutes

CHF90.00 Regular Price
CHF50.00Sale Price