1 x Private 1:1 class in the comfort of your home or office. The way we feel changes on a daily basis. Our yoga practice should be a variation of different postures and breathing techniques to suit our needs. Unfortunately not every led class is tailor made for you. With bespoke 1:1 yoga session you get to explore exactly what it is you need. One day you might need a restorative approach, due to the fact you have been working too hard, doing too much and you are feeling stressed out. The next time, you might need more of a work-out to get you back into your body, to help you release some endorphins and burn some of your inner-fire. I happily work with someone who is dealing with an injury, we can do this in the form of a gentle practice melding together breath and movement and slowly working on poses to help heal. "Samira I hope you have a sense of how beneficial our one to one yoga sessions are. I feel completely relaxed afterwards, yet refreshed and I'm sleeping again, hurray!" ~ Hannah "Couldn't wish for a better and more inspirational teacher, thank you." ~Vicky B.

Bespoke private 1:1 yoga 1 hour