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Things to look forward to....

  • Thu, Jun 03
    Swiss Alps
    Long weekend in the mountains with us. Time to renew yourself. Yoga with views, rest or explore the scenery, silent walks, deep relaxation and a cooking lesson. Taking it all in. One breath at a time.
  • Thu, Sep 16
    6390 Engelberg, Switzerland
    SAMiRAYOGA welcomes you to Engelberg, a small mountain village nestled in the Swiss Alps. Breathe Deep as we explore the mountains during your mind altering hikes, practice flowing yoga in the morning and a more restorative/ meditative evening to allow your whole body to succumb to wellness.


Re-treats  2021  Weekends

 Dates for your diary

March 5th - 7th   

 June 3rd - 6th

September 16 - 19th 

SAMiRAYOGA welcomes you to Engelberg, a small mountain village nestled in the Swiss Alps. Breathe Deep as we explore the mountains during our mind altering hikes, practice yoga and allow your whole body to succumb to wellness and relaxation. 

You will be a part of a small group of humans, exploring the beautiful mountains of Engelberg.

You will wake up with a beautiful morning yoga flow, to help your body and aching joints to open up and be mountain ready. You'll spend the day on the mountain or at a spa if you need a relax. The day will end with some very gentle restorative yoga and meditation to help process your external impressions.

You will be served delicious vegetarian food, please notify us well in advance if you have allergies. 

For more info please email me


The mountains are calling you!


Retreat Schedule 

Example of our schedule, which is not compulsory, but gently encouraged to join in.


Wake up

8 - 9 .30  

V I N Y A S A F L O W & M E D I T A T I O N

10 - 11.30

B R U N C H  

11.30 - 16.00       

M O V E M O U N T A I N S 
up the Mountain

16 - 17.00       

time to read a book cosy up by a fire, sitting in the sauna or have a nap

17 - 18.00     

S A C R E D C I R C L E  

Body Scanning, Breathwork, Relaxation & Meditation 

19 - 21.00   

D I N N E R 

Things to bring;

  • Hiking boots; at least a size bigger than you would normally get for going down hill so you don't get sore toes, preferably winter ones in Autum/Winter and Summer ones for Spring/Summer. 

  • Weather proofs, best Goretex shell jacket or equivalent and a Down Jacket for underneath.

  • Hiking / Ski Trousers (water resistant) & / Shorts in Summer

  • Layers, for when it's hot I recommend merino shirts & merino leggings that help with getting rid of moisture and warmer things for when it is cold. 

  • Beanie, Head Band it can get cold up on the mountain

  • Gloves (waterproof)

  • Merino Socks for skiing /or hiking

  • Suncream 50+ we are high up

  • Water bottle 

  • Back pack

  • Yoga clothes

From Fiona Bell, owner of Their Nibs, London.

How was your hotel? 1-10  9

Any feedback; room / staff / location

Staff was just lovely room warm and super comfy bed- a bath would have been lovely after the hikes!



What did you think of the food? 1-10  9

Did you have enough/ too much? Just enough filling and delicious

Were you happy with the menus? - perfect



Did your Yoga Experience live up to your expectations?

I am not a super experienced yoga person- I really enjoyed all the classes. Samira really helped with the poses and I have left feeling it’s benefitted me so much I would love to practise more in my everyday life.



Was there anything missing in the style of yoga we practiced?




What would you liked to have more of?

Maybe bit more meditation?



What would have liked more / less of?

Gorgeous hikes and amazing views- I would say ensure people have exactly the right clothing if they are not experienced walkers especially boots etc. I did suffer from blisters, which was frustrating as my boots were old and ill fitting!!



How affordable was the retreat for you?

Really good value – feel you could charge it more to be honest.



Will you recommend the retreat to your friends?

Most def!!! All of them.


"Samira is a rare breed in her world of not taking herself too seriously even though she is an amazing calm and none judgemental teacher (so important if one is unsure of many yoga poses!) This makes her so much more real and her knowledge of her craft is wide/meaningful and so well researched.

From the moment we had our first class on arrival I started to unwind my knotted exhausted body and mind-the first meal that evening was a delicious veggie soup all so well thought through even down to the healthy sweet treats at the end. This was the first of many delicious and healthy meals.

The hikes were exhilarating and the views beautiful- Samira has an in-depth knowledge of the local area and took us on the best hikes!!

All in all I just could not recommend this retreat more – I arrived feeling frazzled and mentally exhausted- I am leaving feeling light mentally focussed and so rested.."


- Fiona Bell owner of lounge wear brand Their Nibs

From Lou Allen, London;


Overall how was your experience?


My time  chez Samira in Engleberg was heavenly; Indeed I felt I was in heaven when I stepped off the cable car and set my eyes on the turquoise lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks. It was so exhilarating to walk in the fresh mountain air, my muscles already warmed up from a morning yoga session followed by a health breakfast of fresh fruit & muesli and warm freshly baked bread. Our evening yoga sessions with a sumptuous neck, shoulder and leg massage from Samira meant that there were  not aches & pains the morning after our hike.


Samira is a very experienced yoga teacher who never pushes you beyond safe limits, and she proved to be an equally good mountain guide.  The hikes were challenging but always enjoyable with regular stops at lovely mountain refuges for refreshments. Samira always had healthy snacks for us in her ruck sack and even sunblock for when the sun was out at altitude.   We really were treated like cherished children. On our arrival we were greeted with goody bags -  Swiss herbal teas, locally produced soap, a face mask and lip salve were amongst the goodies. 


The home-cooked  food was  delicious.  There was always plenty to eat but not so much that we overate, and dinner was always followed by a mouthwatering sweet treat such as a date filled with almond butter and raw cocoa .... so delicious


Samira is a very caring attentive teacher who adapts her classes to the needs of the participants.  You know you are in safe hands.


How was your hotel? 1-10

9/10 -

Any feedback; room / staff / location

The Hotel was in a great loction and staff were lovely - always helpful and friendly.

It would have been nice to have a bath as although I tend to take showers a nice soak is always a pleasure on holiday especially after the hikes.

Bedroom was warm and cosy

Breakfast was very good



What did you think of the food? 1-10

Did you have enough/ too much?

Were you happy with the menus?

Breakfast and dinners 10/10

Food was delicious and plentiful - loved the little sweets after dinner.  Although food was plentiful I didn't overeat - (Well I probably did but not as much as normal!!!)



Was your Yoga Experience, did it live up to Your expectations?

Yoga was fab - Loved it.



Was there anything missing in the style of yoga I taught you?

Perhaps we could have shared what positions we most feared and worked on that during the course of the retreat? (just  a thought) 



What would you liked to have more of?

Samira's massage... So good. 



How happy were you with your hikes and activities? 1-10


I LOVED the hikes

What would have liked more / less of?

The spa was  a lovely option ...would be nice if there was the chance to have a massage whilst at the spa


How affordable wAs the retreat for you?  

It was value for money - but still considered a 'treat'

Lou Allen, London