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These classes will continue to be available Online for young or old; helping you live a more pain free life.

As an ex dancer, I know all to well how to destroy my body, I've done it, torn and broken many pieces of my body. Having explored many different practices I found that this yoga helped me to heal the most.

After years in London, I now live a mostly pain free life in the Swiss Alps. 


In these Online sessions I'll be helping you to relieve joint pain whilst strengthening the deep architectural layers of the muscles and the fascia (connective tissue), the bones and the joints, working with the breath and always finishing with a deep relaxation or meditation to help the body heal from within.


Whether you are an athlete, runner, business executive, model, movie producer or stay at home dad, black or white, purple or pink, mermaid or wizard you are all welcome! These classes are for anyone wanting to explore their yoga practice a bit further than the yoga we might get in a gym.


I'm here for you. 

Any questions or requests please email me prior to the start of the class.

Price Suggestion

60 minutes 12chf (= approx £9.95898)

6 sessions for 59chf (= approx £50)

F R E E K A R M A 

Practice yoga with me online, one month for free

go to buy a pricing plan, costs nothing I promise

Will need to be renewed after one month.

Only valid for online classes. 


Samira x

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"THE BEST Bespoke Yoga Session I have ever had and I have had many... SAMiRAYOGA knows her stuff...I LOVE THIS GIRL!!"             Sophie Venner, Bafta Winning Producer.